Sen. Warren Calls for Real Financial Reform

Want to put an end to the big banks’ self-serving myth of “too big to fail?” Support Elizabeth Warren’s push to revitalize the way banks and financial institutions are structured, a la Glass-Steagall.

And don’t be fooled by the bank shills who will be running in circles yelling ridiculous things like “the sky is falling” and “regulation will cost too much” and “limiting the size of banks will harm the economy.” The only thing that will be harmed will be the bonuses of the billionaire bank executives.

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Have to say I was stunned pleasantly surprised to see John McCain’s name on the bill. After he did damn-all to help Arizonans weather the foreclosure crisis – and considering securities and investment companies were among his top campaign contributors – it’s pretty amazing. (Wanna bet it means he’s not going to be needing their big bucks again. Chasing legacy instead of campaign $$.)


Celebrate Today. Fight Corporate Tyranny Tomorrow.

A Re-Declaration of Independence … From Corporate Tyranny

“The Declaration of Independence begins by framing the moral and ethical principles behind the independence movement. Then it indicts the tyrannical power for its misdeeds before declaring this nation’s freedom from its control.

It’s striking to see how easily the structure, tone and even much of the language of the original Declaration can be used as a rallying cry against today’s corporate tyranny.”