Arizona’s Koch Addicts

Anybody else out there shaking your head today, wondering how so many of our fellow Arizonans once again let themselves be goaded into casting votes that mire our state in the ongoing political morass and make us a national punchline.

It’s true. We’ve been Koched.

How else could we elect another Republican legislature full of wingnuts who who will lead the state into costly lawsuits fighting for patently ridiculous laws? Case in point: narrowly passed Prop. 122, the so-called sovereignty bill.

First, do we really want those same legislators, who voters deemed unworthy of a raise, pretending to be legal scholars and pushing ballot issues questioning what is and isn’t constitutional? Seriously?

And second, it doesn’t take a legal scholar to guess that 122 will never stand up to legal scrutiny. The whims of a state’s majority don’t trump the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution. The only question is will our new Republican governor and the new Republican attorney general waste millions defending this nonsense like the past (R) pair did for SB1070?

We have a governor who touts his record as a “job creator” in spite of serious complaints from his investors and a Secretary of State (the top election official) decrying the very political “dark money” that got her elected. Oh, and an AG who is a former lobbyist with ties to the private prison biz and a Corporation Commission skewed against increasing use of solar energy. (I remind you, this is Arizona, we’re talking about.)

Plus we seem to be on the verge of electing a state schools superintendent with no education experience, but lots of “conservative” dogma. Look for a Jeffco Colorado type of assault on school curricula in the entire state. (Hey, we’re already selectively defacing textbooks to support conservative ideology; why not just re-write them, instead?)

How did this happen, you ask? Two words: “Koch Brothers”. Or how about “Dark Money“? Yep, all that lovely right-wing conservative takeover money creating TV attack ads and filling your mailbox with reams of mailers worthy only of the recycle bin.

How long before the entire country is re-designed according to the grand design of two billionaire old white guys destined in their own minds to rule the world by buying up one vote at a time.

Who’s a “Koch Ho” in Arizona?