Injured Giffords Trumps Healthy McCain

Wow. At this point in the mortgage-mod-not-so-merry-go-round process, it’s not easy to surprise me. Or impress me.

But today … wow. I got a call from one of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ staff members updating me on her communication with Wells Fargo regarding the state of my mortgage modification.

I wrote to the congresswoman back in September 2010, asking for help with what had become a six-month fiasco of misinformation, disinformation and, of course, the endless paper shuffle. (I also wrote to my senator, John McCain and the heads of the Senate and House committees that oversee the banking industry; they all blew me off.)

It was so great to hear Amanda’s voice today, not because of what she might do for me but because I have been worried about her since the shootings. Just two days before that horrific day, we had finally connected to discuss paperwork I had been sending for a couple of months. I was so impressed to learn that Giffords has a staffer dedicated to helping her constituents specifically with mortgage and foreclosure issues.

I was even more impressed that Amanda, in order to really understand the problems with the mortgage modification process, participated in the process with some consitituents. For two months, she made the calls, waited in the phone queues and tried in vain to get information from banks regarding people’s home loans. She was, inevitably, appalled by what she experienced.

I have thought of Amanda a number of times over the past weeks. The media didn’t mention the names of other Giffords staffers who were present at the Tucson event where the shootings happened, so I had no idea whether she had been there and how she was. It’s a strange kind of connection – having had one meaningful conversation with someone and then a few days later hearing that person had possibly been in a life-threatening situation. You don’t know the person well enough to call and inquire. But you wonder and worry and hope for the best.

I’m just so impressed that Giffords’ staff is carrying on, doing their work in the wake of extreme pressures and facing an uncertain future. My grateful thanks to them. And ongoing good wishes to Gabby who, from her Houston hospital bed, turns out to be a more effective advocate for Arizonans fighting to keep their homes than is a presumably healthy John McCain. Wow.

Hurry home Gabby. Arizona misses you and needs you on our side!