“Bank Robbers” Takes On New Meaning

Someone I know, an intelligent professional person peripherally involved in the housing/foreclosure mess, made a statement recently that really threw me. In response to an allusion to the reports of wrongful foreclosures, she said “Oh, I really think that only happened one time and the media just keeps telling the same story.”

It’s this mindset that keeps people who should know better parroting the bank shills’ lines about how thousands of fraudulent documents are just a “paperwork error” and people seeking relief under a government-sponsored modification program only want free houses.

I know I can think of more than one example of the banks’ amazing audacity in wrecking people’s homes and lives. Who could forget the story of the California woman, coincidentally named Mimi Ash, whose mountain retreat had been cleaned out of everything including her husband’s ashes?

Or the terror in the voice of this Florida woman, hiding in a bathroom and talking to a 911 operator while contractors for Chase break into her home.

So, I set about to find as many different stories as I could about banks wrongfully foreclosing on people, even to the extreme of trashing out houses they had no right to touch.

I sure didn’t have any trouble finding a whole bunch of stories about the banks’ shocking behavior. This is a partial list of the horror stories I came up with:

  • Lawsuit accuses bank of seizing wrong house
    In Texas, Bank of America agents changed the locks and shut the power off in a house owned free-and-clear by Alan Schroit, causing a big stinky mess when 75 pounds of salmon and halibut from an Alaska fishing trip thawed.

You’ll notice plenty of mentions of people filing or considering lawsuits against these banks. Nice to read about one homeowner win: Wells Fargo Ordered to Pay $155,000 for Wrongful Foreclosure Conduct. The bank was found guilty of locking a New York man out of his home, then trashing out the house even after they were ordered not to enter.

The mainstream media has noticed that banks are sending their agents to break into homes even before foreclosures are completed. Even the financial industry trade pub American Banker acknowledges the problem: Seizing the Wrong Home: Rare, but a PR Nightmare.

But you’ll still see quite a few big media understatements on this topic. For example, why does the NYT call burglary a “foreclosure flaw?” And this Phoenix television news reporter seems pretty cavalier about the “mistake” made when a Scottsdale AZ woman with no foreclosure/default issues was locked out of her condo by a bank contractor.

Bargain hunting to buy a foreclosure house? Well, beware – you’re not safe either. The very same bank from whose inventory you buy the house might forget it has already foreclosed and come after you and your belongings.

Imagine finally paying off your mortgage after a delinquency, feeling the relief that you’ve escaped the bank’s foreclosure machine only to have a trash-out company show up and steal your belongings.

Here’s a truly disturbing article, telling homeowners if we don’t want someone to illegally enter our houses and steal our stuff, maybe we should put up signs saying we live there. What?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Makes you wonder whether it’s safe to leave home … ever. Even if you don’t have a mortgage or aren’t in default.

It wasn’t for one Florida homeowner, who found his house had been emptied out and his wife’s wedding dress shredded at the behest of his lender, even though he wasn’t in foreclosure.

These banks are truly out of control. Will somebody remind me what country we’re living in? I’m beginning to wonder whether a tornado picked up my house in the United States and dropped it in a fascist police state.

Too bad all the magic seems to have gone out of the statement “There’s no place like home.”

If you are not even in foreclosure, you risk having the banks kick down your door and change the locks on you when you’re away. Think about that. The argument that the banks take is that when you take out a mortgage, you grant them the right to kick down your door. Did you think about that when you signed a mortgage? Is that what you thought you were getting when you took out a loan?                  ~Matt Weidner

Update 9/6/11:
Deborah Crabtree, Widow, Sues BofA After Being Overwhelmed With Automated Payment Requests
Bank of America reportedly pestered a grieving widow with computer-generated calls from the bank as often as every 15 minutes, including during her husband’s wake, over a missed mortgage payment she had told them she would make once she received her husband’s life insurance.

Update 9/9/11:
Should The Banks Be Permitted To Kick Down Doors? Change Locks? Remove Property?
How can the banks just get away with committing violent home invasions? And what about the even greater violations where they clean out a person’s belongings, in some cases spiriting away the valuables while throwing the rest of one’s life into a dumpster?

Update 7/2012: And it’s still going on!
Bank Of America’s House Winterizing Crew Results In A Missing Muscle Car
Family Reunited With Muscle Car Stolen During Foreclosure Wants Bank Of America To Pay For Damages

Update 7/2013: These big banks are out of control and clearly believe they are above the law. How scary is that?
Ohio bank steals woman’s possessions by ‘mistake,’ then refuses to pay up

9 thoughts on ““Bank Robbers” Takes On New Meaning

  1. Wells Fargo hired a Lock Out Company (pack of thieves) to change my locks and remove (steal) my personal property without filing a Writ of Possession (as required by law). I caught them in the middle of the act after several items were already gone. They claim to have taken my property (nice furniture, computers, rugs, pictures, ect.. that no one would throw away) to the dump.That was three years ago. We filed lawsuit. They have changed their Law firms three times and have made several motions to dismiss (all denied) and have disputed the value of my property. They have a whole lot of nerve! That is like pissing off a robber because you didn’t have enough money and they didn’t like your watch and ring that they just robbed from you. They have tried to put blame on the lock out company. “If I hire a hit man, its not my fault”. IF A WRIT OF POSSESSION IS NOT FILED, NO LENDING INSTITUTION OR LANDLORD HAS ANY BUSINESS IN YOUR HOME, PERIOD!!

    • Hi Bruce,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. What an awful thing to have happen to you. I’m glad to hear you’re fighting Wells Fargo and holding them accountable for their actions. They (and the other banksters) do have a lot of nerve and it sure seems they often get away with stealing from people with no recourse. I wish you the very best luck with your lawsuit. I hope you’re telling your story every chance you get so all those ignorant people who say such things can’t happen will start to see what injustice the banks are perpetrating on ordinary Americans. Best wishes!

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