Meet My Wells Fargo “Single Point of Contact”


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Back in April 2010, just as I was initiating my first request for modification of my mortgage loan, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage’s soon-to-be-solo president, Mike Heid, told a subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee that the bank was a couple months into a policy of “assigning one person to manage one loan modification from beginning to end.

Then, in mid-November 2010, Alan Jones, operations manager of WFHM servicing, told another subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee that “this year we introduced a 1:1 customer service model to enable at-risk customers to work with one person from beginning to end on their home preservation options.”

In between those two pronouncements, I had spent three months dealing with a never-repeating series of customer service phone queue people. Finally, on June 14, 2010, I finally got connected with a person who actually gave me her direct phone line. She said she would be working with me until the review was completed. But that was not to be. Instead, my case was passed along to five more people – all of whom told me they’d be with me ‘til the end – before that review ended.

I made a second mod attempt starting just before Christmas 2010. This time I had three different contact people, two in the WFHM office of the president and one on the Congressional Support team (thanks to staff at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ Tucson office.)

Yet, on February 18, 2011, HousingWire reported that Jones, speaking on a panel, said that since June 2010 WFHM had “established a single-point of contact strategy where troubled borrowers are assigned to one loss mitigation representative.”

“The single-point of contact does work. It has helped to avoid foreclosures when the borrower has one person to call will filling out their documentation,” Jones said. I can imagine that’s quite true. I just don’t think it was happening anywhere but in the prepared statements of these executives.

You see, three days after Jones’ statement, I was informed the second review of my loan had ended. By that time, I had been assigned a total of nine different people as my “single point of contact.” Despite the fact that WFHM execs were testifying to Congress that they had been matching borrowers with a single contact person for the past year.

In April 2011, in response to a bit of largely impotent pressure from regulators, Wells Fargo and the other big banks vowed to fix the failing loan mod/foreclosure process. One of the key points was, you guessed it, agreeing to provide customers with a single point of contact.

Single Point Of Contact: Why Won’t Banks Pay More Attention To Homeowners?

A full year after Jones said WFHM’s “single point of contact” strategy was in place and a full 14 months after Heid’s testimony to Congress, I initiated a third mortgage mod review. Surely, by now, WFHM will have perfected this system to match up customers with a single contact person.

Or not.

In just six weeks, between June 15, 2011 and July 26, 2011, I had four (4)!! different people inform me and my legal counsel that they were the “single point of contact” for my case. Four! Here’s the list:

  1.  On June 15, 2011, the day the paperwork to initiate the third round of mod requests was faxed to WFHM, I got a phone call from Tanya Williams in the WFHM president’s office telling me that my case has been assigned to Gary Lingren, executive mortgage specialist in the president’s office, and he will be calling me in the next couple of days. He never did so and he failed to answer several voicemails from my legal counsel. He did, however, later order my case closed because I didn’t send documents in response to a letter that was never actually sent to me.
  2. On June 27, 2011, I received a letter dated June 21, 2011, from Kathleen Halifax, an underwriter in Loss Mitigation. In the letter, she designated herself as my “primary contact” on the “team dedicated to helping” me with my mod review. I never heard from her other than the letter, though another WFHM employee did manage to interrupt her in a meeting to get the list of documents Mr. Lingren needed but never bothered to actually call or write to ask for.
  3. On July 21, 2011 my legal counsel was called by Julian Long from the WFHM president’s office, who identified himself as our “single point of contact” for the ongoing review. He was the person who, just eight days later, notified my legal counsel that my request had been denied.
  4. But, in the meantime, on July 26, 2011, I received a FedEx package containing a letter dated July 21, 2011, in which Sheila Roberts, loan processor, describes herself as “your loan processor and dedicated point of contact for this program.” (Note that this letter was generated the same day Mr. Long was telling my counsel he was the point of contact.) Neither I nor my counsel has had any other contact from Ms. Roberts and I have no idea what her actual role might or might not have been in the review that supposedly ended three days after I got her overnight package.In her letter, she implied the review was just beginning and wrote that she would follow up with me at latest by Sunday, August 21, 2011, to outline the next steps in the process or request additional documents. I hope someone tells her somebody else completed the review already.

Somebody should tell Wells Fargo that “single” means “one.” And “point of contact” implies, well, contact. Communication. Exchange of information.

Instead, “single point of contact” seems to be a phrase used to placate Congress and the “regulators” and mollify the media while the loan servicers continue to play the delay and deny game with homeowners. In short, another scam.

Update 9/13/11:
Add name number 15 to my “single point of contact”

Update 6/2012:
Up to 17 “single” points of contact now. Although “contact” might be a bit of an exaggeration.

24 thoughts on “Meet My Wells Fargo “Single Point of Contact”

  1. yes i have been through the same issues with wells fargo we all ned to get together compare notes and be witnesses for each other. i never did the 3rd wells fargo mod review i stoped after the 2nd one was denied. your brave i had enough of the fun and games. i just stopped ans said see ya later……. my story starts at origination. we come to find out the banks never funded htese loans we signed for that is why our appraisals were all fraud and underwriting never checked on the salaries the mortgage brokers put on loan applications. if underwriting standard would have been in place alot more loans would not have been funded including mine. but since now we know they never funded these loans who cared if they were loaning sone one else money? so the pretended to be the lender, only wells fargo was on the note and mortgage why was the investor that loaned hte money not on these docs. what docs did htey get???

    this origination fraud we need to be asking for who funded the loan along with wheres th enote.

    fast foward 2009 a job loss compelled me to call wells fargo for help. oh no we can not help you wells fargo does not own oyur loan we are only the servicer. your loan was sold combined with hundreds of other mortgages put in a blender and sold to investors. so i asked whom my investor is. oh we can tell you that.

    so apply for a hamp loan for 5 months they lost my docs. there wa sno point of contact then. a different person eveyrtime i called. the never would have my docs. constantly faxing. i felt there was somethign wrong but never googled it. then byt 1/2010 denied a hamp loan they give a in house wells fargo mod. increasing my mortgage. i was devistated. i payed 5 months and then an illness had me call again.

    to apply for a 2nd mod. i was told i had to be in eminent default before i can apply for hamp (which we come to find out themisconstued the wording in their benefit) so actually what they did was null and void th enote and mortgage. they are being sue dbya coulple in CA right now for promissary estoppel. they were told the same thing by wells fargo bank. they were getting greedy.

    so now the 3 months pass they have all my paper work i have a point of contact. from sept to dec i spoke with her every 2 weeks. she had all my paper work. my package is going to go it to review. then one night in dec 2010 i get a call from her someone got her passcode and moved my file out of review. she was quite upset. i was crying. i felt so help less.

    in 1/2011 i receive a letter from wells fargo stating they need anew application and paycheck stubs again by 2/14/2011. i sent it fed ex 2/3/2011. i havd the tracking # and signee. but by 2/16/2011 i never heard from my point of contact again even after leaving many voice messages …..nothing

    then 2/16/2011 i receive the hamp denial becuase i faile dto send documents
    2/21/2011 the notice of the intend to foreclose
    3/5/2011 the notice of default right to cure

    i wrote the OCC, Florida AG, my house rep richard nugent

    all they all told me they will foward the info to wells fargo. so in 4/2011 i receive a call from another point of contact. i gave her an ear full about my point of contact lady (i was told wells fargo out sources and there is NO way to find her) and the file being moved, the lost package and the foreclosure. i demanded her find my package and send me a letter stating i am out of foreclsoure before i deal with them again……….the reason……………….during all this time waitn i googled mortgage fraud and all these web sites and found out what was realy going. some families approved the hamp paid for 1-2 years and were denied a permanent mod. i was not going to do that. so i waiting i get a call from that she can not find my package and i cant get that letter but we will send your back to your original point of contact you had a good repoir with her. then i get a new package in the mail from the 1st lady. i looked at it and just laughed. and that is where i am today. about a month later may or june i got letters from wells farg bank to me and CC to the OCC and my local congressman that my file was never moved and my paper work was never lost. ????? so who is lieing here.

  2. You said it … lies is all they tell. I feel bad for all of us who are going through this ridiculous nightmare. Not sure I’m brave (tho thanks for saying so!). Just downright stubborn. The more crap they pull, the more I’m resolved to see this through to either getting a mod or making them do all the work to foreclose. For me, backing down personally means not only that I accept the lies and fraud for myself, but that I am saying it’s okay for Wells Fargo to do this to other people.

    If every person who fits into one of these three categories would go out tomorrow and move all their bank accounts to local/regional banks or credit unions, the banksters would sit up and take notice: 1) has been through foreclosure with one of the big fraud-factory banks or 2) has tried for a modification or other workout and failed or succeeded or 3) has a friend or loved one who has been tormented by one of the big banks. Working together, we could put them out of business tomorrow. Nice thought, huh?!

    I hope you’ll keep telling your story to anyone who will listen! Best wishes!

  3. still waiting for my loan modifacation to be approved 2years in the waiting have given paper work over and over yet again they want it gave it to them about 40 days ago and want new again. We had one person working on it bii alvero st. judes mortgage modifacation he bought us up to my house almost being auctioned off Iam currently with my current attorney 1yr. still trying to save answers from bank If anyone could tell us who to talk to for any help, need aroof6000.00 and other repairs cant afford them and are affraid to do anything to house affaid of loosing it If you know off any agency who can help. dont know where to turn.

    • No, it will not help you at all. It will not help any one.Hmm, of course it does help soomene, it helps the CEO’s and investors to make huge profits.The Government should not interfere and let all these banks and institutions go bankrupt. Then the market will get back to normal and any person can buy a house at affordable prices. Since that’s not going to happen, nothing will change. Although, there are a few changes. Rich get richer, poor get poorer. If the Government gives any money (as a loan). This is tax payers money, they should have stipulations, i.e. the Government takes control and ALSO receives the profits, just as investors would get. Not just a loan with interest!! It now becomes an INVESTMENT by the Government and if and when there is a profit (which you can count on), these profits are paid back to the tax payers in the form of tax credits, or whatever. If the Government only buys up the bad debt, there will be no change and all will be same within 1 year. The financial institutions prefer such, and they will be laughing all the way. Take AIG.. suddenly the investors consider to put up their own money to invest in AIG, because they do not want the Government to take control over AIG. Hmm, why not? Yes, GREED! There is an easy solution. Create a package whereby the Government buys all bad debt (mortgages) and restructure the mortgage, whereby people can pay less, even if it is directly to the Government. That way, no closings, value remain market and there is a real solution.Let the invetsment banks go bankrupt, it does not matter at all, since only investors lose money. Who cares about the rich. Keep in mind, Freddy Mac and Fannie May are entities guaranteeing the mortgages up to a certain amount for low income houses, not the rich!! These mortgages again are guaranteed by the Government, thus nothing new. People buying a house with no money down, because the institutions provided them with the capital took a risk and have to be responsible for their risk. If they lsoe money, let it be. Not the tax payers responsibility to pay for their greed and mistakes.

  4. Petrina,
    I’m sorry to hear about your trouble and sad to have to say I don’t think there’s an agency that can really help. The banks have been allowed to operate outside the guidelines of the federal HAMP program, outside their servicing agreements with their “investors” and outside the laws of the states and the nation. Like spoiled children, they truly believe they can’t and won’t be punished for their wrongdoing. That remains to be seen in the long term, but in the short term where you and I are fighting for our homes, we’re pretty much fighting alone.

    I hope you have filed a complaint with your state’s attorney general, at least. If enough people do that, perhaps the AGs will be compelled to start doing their jobs to protect their citizens. And do write to your legislators. Some of them are very helpful, though most blow us off because they are taking millions in campaign funds from the bankers.

    Good luck to you!

  5. My deepest sympathy to those hard pressed that are waiting for their loan modifications. I myself have a mortgage loan taken out through Wachovia, which is now been taken over by Wells Fargo. I just received a notice that is very misleading that is targeted at the current mortgages through Wacovia that are now taken over by Wells Fargo. They start giving an “alarming” notice that the COFI index (adjustable rate mortgages) is miscalculated. They point out one specific time in 2009 in which there was a “spike” up of 66%. What they fail to tell people is that historically (for MANY DECADES) the COFI index has been “LOWER THAN” the COF index they want you to switch over to. Now I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck…but why would they (Wells Fargo) corporate execs that got tons of bailout money at our expense be concerned and want to modify our “mortgage contracts”??? The COFI index has “always” been lower than the COFI up until late 2008 when the housing bubble burst. So, if they play their cards right and hope the uneducated mortgage holder falls for it and “switches” to the COF index, even though they “retro” it to early 2010….which will be little refund compared to what they gain when the economy turns around and COFI rates are far lower than COFI.

    Don’t these HIGHLY PAID CORPORATE EXECS LIKE Mike Heid get paid enough with our bailout money that they have to scheme to ‘DECEIVE” the public so that they change the terms of their “mortgage contract” at their benefit??

    So, I guess they are “making” up for what they figure is a “loss” for modifying the loans of those that are ‘struggling” to make make payments. How much profit do you need Wells Fargo???????

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  7. After a Wells Fargo representative told me during a collection call that the only way I could get help with my loan was to be behind in my payment 30 days or more, I decided to see what kind of help they would provide. My single point of contact only changed one time, but the real issue is that the one I do have will not return any of my calls. I have pages of detailed notes on all the calls I made and who sent emails and who forwarded me to her supervisor’s line only to leave another message that went unreturned. After months of trying on my own I hired an attorney to help expedite the process and he too, is not receiving any cooperation, or getting any of his calls returned. This single point of contact cannot be a legal tactic of holding the consumer hostage until foreclosure proceedings are initiated and the loss of one’s home is on the line. If a single point of contact is supposed to be a benefit to the consumer, how can Wells Fargo then ignore all communication requests from the consumer? If it were just a week of delays, I would not see a problem, but 6-8 months and counting of total oblivion from this lender must violate some type of consumer right. We apply for a loan modification to help save our homes, and lose them to the process of over worked, undertrained, useless red-tape policy followers that serve no-one but the lender.

    • Hi Kellea,
      I feel your frustration! I suggest you and your attorney stop trying to get your contact to return a phone calls and “escalate” your complaints to the Office of Executive Complaints (formerly Office of the President) by calling (800)853-8516.

      I don’t for a minute believe these people aren’t returning calls or answering letters because they’re overworked or incompetent. I firmly believe it’s company policy, part of the delay-and-deny tactics designed to make you so frustrated you just go away.

      Best of luck to you in your fight to retain your home!

  8. Wells Fargo refused to extend a loan mod that Wachovia had given us. There is no rhyme or reason to their denial, but now with them going back to the original high loan payment we will be unable to make the payments so everyone will be loosing out. It would have made too much sense for them to extend the modification so they simply deny us the extension. The property is underwater so they will not even refinance it. During the 3 years of the modification we did not miss a payment but now we will loose all we invested in it because of their unfair rules of modification. I will be remiss if I did not mention the rudeness of the representative who said, well 95 percent of the people in the country are going through this. Really, that is how Wells Fargo help . What the banks are doing is wrong , they got bailed out and now they do not wish to help those of us who are forced to loose all we invested.

    I wrote to the CEO but no response yet. It is such a waste of time talking to the phone reps. Let us face it , they are greedy and do not wish to help anyone who is not a millionaire, the little person go to hell is what they say.

    Thanking you ,


    • One thing to try to grasp is Wells paid approximately (close as I can figure in all the floating data) $.15 on the dollar for Wachovia’s assets. IE,
      1)Wells has about $50,000 in our $350,000 mortgage.
      2)Wells “would consider a short sale of >$210,000 for our home” appraised by Wachovia affiliated appraiser in late ’07 at +/- $600,000.
      3)Wells won’t settle with us for less than $410,000. which includes all fees and charges and, and and.
      4)Now the good part folks: Three Nevada mandated mediation hearings, prior to foreclosure proceeding and Wells has failed to show first time and provided no proof of being anything in regards to our Note or mortgage for three years other than to verbally claim to be the “servicer of the mortgage.” in the second and third hearings.
      We were “offered” Wells version of HAMP but never the actual HAMP program!
      I ask my counsel; “what’s next?” His advise is to await more fair minded judges, tiring of the banks hogwash. Oh and “save your money and enjoy your home.”
      Bottom line is that the State Legislature did not intend “lenders” to profit from unearned proceeds of distressed loans at Nevada residents expense. AB 273. They are only entitled to what they spent for the security/ asset.

      • Glad you’re fighting and good luck James. Fingers crossed that there are some fair-minded judges in Nevada and elsewhere who realize that if the rule of law disappears in this country, the next thing to be destroyed will be this country.

  9. wells fargo has me in limbo, laid off 18 months ago, 3 months of reduced mortgage, faxing paperwork to god knows who, they lose everything, fed exing back and forth. We were denied eventually…who knows….they stopped calling, “verbally” told me my mortgage is with stephen baum now….and guess what? feds fined them for 2 million, and now they’re out of business, so…where’s my mortgage? who cares…I’m no longer paying anyone….screw em all.

    • Sorry to hear about your trouble with Wells Fargo, Joey. I’d say “screw ’em all” is a pretty common sentiment among those of us being messed with by mortgage servicers. And “where’s my mortgage” is going to be a question for decades to come, I think. Problem is, there’s no real answer in many cases. Hope you can find a way to get through and keep your home. Best of luck! You’re not alone out there …

  10. In conclusion, my fear is that the laws will be changed by bought politicians.
    AG Cortez-Masto here in Nevada did not (personally) sign the $26 billion agreement with the banks several months back but had an assistant sign the agreement…
    Mike Heid, Mortgage Div. President signed for Wells Fargo. He is the same Mike Heid who, in Jan ’09, on Bloomberg radio, promised a 20% principal reduction to Wachovia Pick A Payment customers. I heard the news blurb myself.
    Funny, you look a pictures of the little prick and he doesn’t look like a liar…

    • I’m right with you fearing the consequences of all the politicians at all levels who are bought and paid for by the financial “services” sector. Interesting about the Nevada AG having an assistant sign the bogus settlement. I expect the AZ AG signed his own name, assuming he could spell it. sigh.

      Yep, good ole Mike-Hied-Who-Lied. Seems he’s good at telling the media and Congress one thing while Wells Fargo does just the opposite. Looked up his picture and you’re right. He looks like a mild-mannered geek, not the head of a lying, cheating foreclosure machine.

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  12. My email add:; I really want to be contacted; this is not right and if we get together we will have a voice, so please let’s get together and call the news papers. I had 11 single point of contact in the passed two years dealing with modification with well Fargo; every three month they ask me to resubmitted all paperwork and applications; according to the, the paperwork expire every three month and they need new one to send to the underwriting; what’s going on? Can we all get together? The news media are our best options? Any idea?

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