From the Headlines … TV Series Tells Story of Our Frustration With the Financial Sector

In case you missed it, the NBC series “Harry’s Law” had an interesting storyline this week about a woman who was driven to rob the bank where she had been a customer for 20 years. The bank had given her a questionable mortgage loan and then foreclosed on her home.

I applaud the writers of the series for bringing this issue into focus in prime time and for presenting the woman whose bank drove her to lawlessness as an ordinary, middle-aged, middle-class mother who simply bought a home for her family.No matter how the banks try to spin those of us caught up in their economic morass as “deadbeats” and “lazy people who just want a free house,” we who are involved in the fight against foreclosure know that’s not true.

I hope a few viewers of this excellent series saw in the woman on trial a person they could relate to, a single mother who lost her job and didn’t know where to turn.

Like many, many people who are being victimized by their own banks, she was sold a sub-prime loan by a banking professional she knew and trusted. And that same bank manager unapologetically took her home when circumstances beyond her control destroyed her finances.

And the closing arguments by the two lawyers were just great. The prosecutor sounds a dire warning about how many people have been driven to the brink of anarchy by the current state of the U.S. economy. And the defense attorney speaks for all of us who wonder why the banksters who put us all in economic crisis just merrily collect their bonuses without any recourse. It’s a great scene.

Who was I rooting for? Well, I’ll just remind you that this country was founded on anarchy, on people standing up and saying to a repressive government, “No! I will not sit still and allow you to tax me and cheat me and pretend you’re doing it all for my benefit.”

“When a government acts to betray the interests of its constituents, civil disobedience isn’t just a right, but a duty.” ~Tommy Jefferson

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