Homeowner Wins Big Over Wells Fargo

Dear Wells Fargo:

We are coming after you, one screwed-over mortgage borrower at a time. Your deceit and fraud cannot be covered up forever. We just need a few more judges like Elizabeth Magner on our side.

Wells Fargo Slapped With $3.1 Million Fine For ‘Reprehensible’ Handling Of One Mortgage

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  1. The loan modification at Wells Fargo, is a huge scam. If you are in financial trouble, paying your mortgage, a bank rep, will offer to send you information about a loan modification, that could lower payments.
    After months!!! of sending documents back and forth, we were turned down.
    It is all a scam!! Wells Fargo, is just playing with numbers to show the government, that “they are trying to help people, keep their homes”

    Very Evil way to play with people’s hopes, in this economy.

    • Evil is right, Diego. That whole scam about trying to get people who are current on their mortgages sucked into the mortgage mod cycle is especially devious, I think. I hope you tell everyone you know about your experience and urge them to move their money out of the big five banks and into local/regional banks and credit unions.

    • I have to agree with your comment. Wells Fargo puts on a good act with their modification programs. I have been trying for three years and now I am facing foreclosure. I had begun my modification when President Obama first announced it. I applied with an agent from the Wells Fargo office, had the papers all signed and returned to her. How convenient, that she was out of the office and sick, but never processed the paperwork. Now I was in arrears for 2 months and told no on the modification. If I could pay the 2 months mortgage payment, they would reconsider it. Do Not Believe Anything They Say!! If I was having trouble making one payment, how could I make two??? I am totally disgusted with their practices.

      • Hi Mary,
        Sorry for your troubles with Wells Fargo. Nobody should have to spend years of their lives fighting just to have a loan re-structured. Just the fact that it takes years should be a clue to the “regulators” and Congress that the banks aren’t playing fair. It’s not credible to think that among their thousands of employees none of these big banks has a single person who can design a rational system for reviewing loans for modification.

        They certainly all managed to come up with very efficient mechanisms for making the mortgages in the first place, and that’s a pretty complex, paper-work-heavy process.

        For me, it’s the ridiculous, useless deceit and nonsense that makes me want to scream and hurl heavy objects. I hope you’re telling your story to everyone who will listen, Mary, so people will know about the banks’ shoddy business practices when deciding where to store and invest their money.

        Good luck to you with your fight!

        • I have been fightimg Wells Fargo for 14 years. They have tried to foreclose at least 5 times. They had to back down, because they were wromg. They have squeezed over $12,000. out of me fraidualany. They have told me my loan was paid in full, but refused to send me my Deed & Title. They have lied, cheated and put me under extreme duress. I am still in my home. Wells Fargo has all my money. I am not behind. I only want to go to trial in front of a honedt judge. Pray for me. I need justice.


      • I aislo was told to do a modification. I got behind trhee months. I called to make the payment in full, next thing i know the lady told me to do a modification, but that i could not make my payments durin that time, next thing i know they said the investor decline the request, that i had to make up all the payments ok, i was willing to pay the three thousand but she stoppd me. So here i am six years late fighting to keep my house. My balance was 45000 thousand, now i owe 80000 thousand, i bought the house fifteen years ago fo 82000 thousand, so i am back to where i started, still fighting them.

    • How to sue wells fargo over harp modification? I was only late one payment 2 years ago. I insisted on just splitting payments in half in two months. The insisnted on modification told me to stop paying mortgage saying i wasnt late enough once again i did a mod with them before and they royally screwed me. So i stopped paying they get me about 5 months . so they cam back saying they took 10 years that i paid on loan away and inhave to pay 10000 cash outofpocket in 30 years and i just foilund out thry moved my fixed intrrest from 3.25 to 3.75 perecnt. How doni sue them i have called lawyers in pa no one will sue them? Please someone help me sue them

      • Wells Fargo keeps raising my Escrow. They will not show me proof of why they’re doing it. I call my county taxe department they have written letter saying taxes did not raise; I also have a written letter from my insurance company stating they did not raise my insurance. Wells Fargo raised my fixed mortgage payment up 49$ and won’t tell me why. They state that my property taxes or insurance raised. Is there anyone out there that wouldn’t mind giving me advice?? Thank you in advance!!

  2. Hi,
    My husband and I just spent 9 months working on a loan modification with Wells Fargo. The first “representative” after working with them for three months disappeared. We didn’t have any phone calls returned for THREE MONTHS! When we called they just immediately move calls to a recorded machine. This to me sounds like fraud. How can a company that we have paid $250K, that has ALL of our information about income, employment, everything, not even return our call and just have our calls go into a phone bank message machine. Then we finally had a returned call and had to restart most of the process all over again. Over many holiday weekends we had to re-prepare documents and send everything by a certain date. The last one they said that we needed to have two spaces below the line net profit and loss , which was rediculous. Then they sent us a form letter saying that we were late on our paperwork so they declined our mortgage modification. The letter said to call immediately to see if there are any options. Then two days later another letter arrived that said, don’t call us anymore. You need to contact another number. In any other country this would be mail fraud or worse. These crooks should get what they deserve. We are not late on our payments, but we are $225K under what we paid for our home. We are trying to be forthright and try to do the right thing. I am completely convinced that they want to do a landgrab by sitting back and waiting for homeowners to drop from the vine. I know of a woman who had an offer on her home and was trying to get Wells Fargo to process the paperwork, and at the same time they foreclosed on her. They made more money foreclosing on her than they would have if they helped her retain her home. She is still in shock. The banks have too much power and we have to fight back.
    How can we start a class action suit against these crooks immediately?
    And we bailed them out so they are even more embolden in their predatory tactics.
    I also fear that now that they are being hit with fines they will find new ways to stick it to the consumers. A complete overhaul of the banking industry is needed and especially the home lending industry.

    • Me too…they ask for repeat sendings often…and make you correct things such as ” put the date more in the middle”.they have asked for a signed 450t form three times…we have sent it three times…one day they say they have everything…the next day they say they need it again,…repeat…..I am three years behind now after trying 5 Times for mod…i see both sides, but I see fake protocol….what an amazing chaotic calculated to their benefit ….I just want to discuss what we can do for each other…..

      The money they spend sending big intro to mod file paperwork Ames me disgusted. They have even fed ex packages of forms to fill out that they already have……………..

      • Class action might be the only way to get help I just fear already covered in a previous settlement?
        Anybody else reading this and has been in modification and foreclosure hell lasting years please send me your email address so we can try and get some help as a group of borrowers; class action

        Thank you

        • My name is Rocco I have been fighting Wells Fargo 4 years we did get into the Hamp program and then all hell broke loose my wife a teacher of 20 years had a stroke my daughter became a heroin addict and my middle son went to prison for drug charges we had no choice but to save their lives and fell behind a few months we asked numerous times to help us reactivate the Hamp program but they sent this back and forth with different different Representatives and the money kept backing up. We are currently in foreclosure and praying that we can iron this out I can make the payments in the Hamp program but the continuous stall tactics have caused the arrears to pile up. I truly believe and I know by reading the newspapers that Wells Fargo is by far holding the Guinness World Record for foreclosures. Something is just not right with this company. Sincerely Rocco

      • I was in an illegal loan with Wells Fargo 2005-2010 in Las Vegas, NV. It was suppose to be a P&I but they put me into an Interest only and I was over qualified as were so many others.. They lost in a Class Action suit to many who had already lost their homes. To make it more insulting, after dispursing the Billion’s of dollars we all received less than $200. Due to the illegal loan an that I put $150 down on a $300 home, they worked out a loan modification from 2010 to 2016. Now the mod has been over 1 year and after 12 years I just paid my first year of principal. Had they done the loan as requested, I would never needed a loan mod. MY BIGGEST CONCERN – IF ANYONE CAN HELP…… is I was told that during escrow, after the sale, Wells Fargo waits until the very end before funds are transferred and removes your equity, without any notice of what they feel you owe them from the modification! Do you see how they did this? They put me in an illegal loan, than a modification which I made every payment! Now I have $100k equity and am selling just to hear they will take all my equity and the buyers still get my home and it is too late to stop the transaction and I am left with no down payment leaving the seller to sue me for what harm and damages this caused them while in escrow. I am 58, I have owned my own home since I was 22. I have Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus for over 20 years and I have no one. I am on Social Security Disability, and that it isn’t enough to live on or even buy food. They have no Section 8, food stamps, or meals on wheels. All housing and help for the disabled and elderly does not exist and I have to deal with Wells Fargo taking money that is not theres!!!!! Please advise if you have heard of them taking your escrow money after selling your home after a modification that has been over for over a year.

  3. America’s Servicing Company represents the most loathsome type of individuals we have on this earth. They are greedy unsympathetic bottom feeders. I have attempted to have my loan modified for the last two years, playing the you sent in the wrong document game, only to be given the ridiculous option of paying $2,000.00 more per month on a payment that that I could afford t pay in the first place. These people bring out the very worst in people. I really wonder if the federal government knows what type of games they are really playing?

    • This sounds familiar. I tried working with them for almost a year. They kept telling me I needed something else. I have never dealt with so many uneducated individuals in my life. They kept chaning loan representatives. It was a big scam. I am in foreclosure now.

  4. We also were sucked into ASC/Wells Fargo’s Home Modification Program. Please, Please do not get into the scam if you can help it. I called them for assitance with 2 delinquent payments in July of 2011. The Home Preservation Specialist was so glad to help…she sent me the packet to fill out, we did. 4 Home Preservation Specialists, 489 faxes pages of documentation and 15 months later we were told that our “Texas Cash Out” loan would never be approved for the modification program because the state of Texas will not allow it. Our 4th “specialist” was able to tell me that in the first 5 minutes of our first telephone conversation. I asked why I was enrolled in this program if our loan did not qualify and she did not have an answer. I never talked to the 2nd and 3rd “specialists” that were assigned to us, they were never available. They did even bother to update their away messages. I have been calling and pursuing ASC in every dept that I could get a number for for the entire 15 months that we have been involved with the “modification program”. I was told that to be in the program that we could not make any payments until we were “in and approved” for the program. Now we are trying to get the loan reinstated but found that we have to come up with $47,000.00+. There is no “repayment” plan of the amounts that are delinquent because our loan is over 15 months delinquent. THAT IS ASC’S FAULT!!!!!! Once you are on thier modification program you can not get to any other dept. After we were denied the program because of our loan we can not get to any other dept except Collections or Loan Default Dept. They are only allowed to discuss, reinstatement of the entire reinstatement amount, short sale, or deed the property back to them in a deed of foreclosure. I have offered to pay $20,000 down on the delinquent amount and the rest over a period of 6 months while making the regular payment too but can not get to anyone that has the authority to OK that. The last 4 times I have talked with them (4 days in a row) I have talked with at least 4-5 employees each time only to be cut off by thier phone system. You can not get back with the same person even when you beg. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!

    • I am going thru the exact same detail you just took the time to explain, except for I reside of Pennsylvania, I do not qualify for a modification for my debt to income shows my home is only 31% of my debt, however I have been forced to apply 3 times for a modification. I have asked for Executive specialist reviews and they have stated the same try to modify. So here I am 12 months later past due balance, fees galore (I am listed in 2 class actions suits for fees) my credit score is the worst ever. AND, I have no resolution, their attorneys have filed false documentation, they have contacted my neighbors asking my whereabouts’, mean while had the attorneys followed up with ASC they would have known all the information they needed, but instead we have chosen to falsify information submitted to the courts to pursue foreclosure. Wells Fargo was just sued for fraud, do not think for 1 minute their mortgage sector falls doesn’t under the same guidelines of fraud as their credit cards, checking/savings accounts, plus personal/business loans, because it does. Please review this information http://www.gao.gov/assets/680/675747.pdf, the government needs to speed up the process for people are losing their homes and credibility so these bigger banks can fudge numbers to make themselves fall within the guidelines mandated.
      When do the audits begin, when is the modification process reviewed and revised, when are these banks held accountable. When will we listen to the consumer and take action?

  5. My story is the same as all the others. In November of 2009 Wells Fargo said I qualified for the modification. I was told not to make any payments until Jan. of 2010. Then I was to make three “trial “payments. After four months I was turned down, but I could apply again. Then they needed more paper work, again, again, and again. Now they told me I didn’t have to make payments while the modification was being processed because they would be moved to the end of the loan with a lower interest rate.. I am self employed and all this time business was improving and my income was getting better. Finally I had an attorney representing me and after seven months their “investors” denied the modification. Long story short; finally my house went to foreclosure and was sold on Nov. 2, of 2011. I was told it is now owned by Freddie Mac. However, the records at the Clerk of Courts Office say it was bought by Wells Fargo !!! I am now leasing the house. Freddie has it for sale and has a purchase agreement set to close in the middle of August. My attorney is filing paper work to stop the sale and try to get Wells Fargo to rescind the foreclosure and do the modification like they promised or just reinstate the loan. I can also do a buy back from Freddie, but it’s hard to get a mortgage loan with a foreclosure on my credit report and have enough for the down payment. It is a little more complex than this, but this is just a quick summery.
    Update: The sale could not go through. I am still leasing the house from Freddie, I still plan to buy it back when I can get a lender to work with me.


        • How are you able to stay in the house for so long???? And what does that mean – that the house is fully insured?

  6. I too have been dealing with WFHM for the last 2 1/2 years. After sending paperwork a 100 times and getting no traction with the assigned rep, I filed a complaint with the state AG. I was then assigned a new rep. I did not get anywhere with her either. I filed a complaint with the OCC. I was then directed to WF Office of the President. After dealing with a few people…they offered a verbal 3 month trial modification. I told the rep, I will only pay if it is in writing. She threatened foreclosure if I did not pay. So instead of paying, I took WF to court. After a year, the federal court dismissed the case for failure to state a claim. They left me alone for 4 months after the suit ended, then the calls started again, threatening foreclosure. I filed a complaint with the CFPB. The next day, I got a call from WF executive offices. I am to a point where I do not care if I get a modiciation, it is the principle of the matter.

    Everytime I filed a complaint, I took them to court, I sent an email to all of the WF executive management team and forced them to . I just want to make their lives miserable, just like they did to me…before I got sick of it and decided to fight back. I will try to short sale the house if I do not get the results that I want. I have made them bleed money on defending a lawsuit, having to respond and find resolutions to my complaints….

    To all that have tried and they came back and said the investor will not modify…anytime you loan was securitized, the note was placed into a REMIC trust. The IRS specifically states that once the loan is assigned to the trust, the loan cannot be modified. It can only be removed if the note is paid off or the foreclosure process is completed.

    • Good for you standing up for what you believe is right! I, too, fought Wells Fargo on principle long after I realized I was likely to lose because the bank had absolutely no ethics and there was no mechanism to rein them in. When I sought legal counsel, I was asked my goals. I told her I wanted to 1) Walk away free and clear at the end of the process and 2) Cost WF as much time and money as I could on the way.
      Thanks for sharing your info. and good luck in your fight!

  7. Here is an update. The rep from the executive offices asked me to resend all of my financials so they could give them to the underwriter. I did not want to state all of our income. If they found out, they would come back and say that we made too much money. Our monthly income is north of $10k. I told the rep that I needed to amend our 2011 tax return, there is some income missing, but we will do it when we file our 2012 taxes. She told me that in order to finish the process, they needed the amended tax return.

    I asked her, why does it matter? If I am claiming a hardship and you are going to base a potential modification on current income…Why do you need it?

    As I am corresponding with this rep, I am getting letters in the mail from another department at Wells Fargo stating a forclosure sale is scheduled for the following week. The rep is telling me that the information is wrong and to ignore it…..I said to her, didnt the AG settlement force you to stop the duel tracking?

    She did not say anything..so I proceeded to say that my state AG would probably want to know that WF isnt following the settlement…She simply said..I will get this corrected.

    LIke you said, make them bleed money…and in the end, if you cant get what you want…put yourself in a position to walk away free and clear with a settlement!!

  8. The same problem months and months of sending in documentation, paying fees for a loan modification and after about 7 months of documentation we were denied.

  9. I have been trapped in this very same scheme. I’m seeking a legal team to help expose the nightmare that Wells Fargo/ASC has been allowed to practice for way too long. Since 2008 we have shuffled paperwork back and forth. Truly a CRIME.

    • wells fargo is ther servicer.. they do not own the note or never signed an andoresement.. we are tring to modify and we qualiffy ,, now they are going in an changing all our income stated and state ouri income is 3000 when its way over 5400.00 per month we do qualify bu they are illegally stating our income is incorrect.. t hey are causing fraud and criminal issues they can be shut down for ilegally changing our actual income…. we have enough money to keep the home who can help us save our home??

      • Hang in there. Do everything they ask. When you get denied, and you will….repeatedly. Reapply. Circumstances have changed however minute. Do this, again and again and again. Do NOT leave your home. Even if they get a court judgement of foreclosure. I stayed in my house for 7 years rent free. Afterwards they finally gave up and gave me a HAMP modification. After 3 years of paying on time I finally have equity. Mean while I keep getting settlement checks $650 here, $375 there from class action suits against them.

        • we have wells fargo and still trying to get modified.. we have two attornies now one for mod and one to lidigate theres crime in the mortgage..

          • how can we get settlement checks.. what exactly did they settle with you?? we are in florida what about you

        • My wife has been fighting Wells Fargo got last 7 Years, turned down the Hp Mod. Because of the increase in payment, never released her, they claim she is in default with overages even though she has never missed a payment of her original payment. Just lost her appeal and Wells Fargo has set a sale date for foreclosure , is there any suggestions?

        • Hello,
          i am going thru exact same thing here in NY – 6 years and counting and fighting foreclosure – i meet HAMP/HARP criteria to a T fully employed and all wf does is fight modification all this time. My attorney is filing motions against them – any advise?? how can i get them to finally just modify me.


  10. With Wells Fargo we were behind in payments because of loss of income. House was to be foreclosed in Nov.2009. Feb 2009 started remodifacatiin loan. Numerous documents sent dealing with them in Hawaii. During this time they told us not to pay mortgage. Finally got remodified right before sale….but not until we paid them 10,000 dollars. Yes our payments went down for a year 700.00 but that 10 grand was all the missed payments. Unable to remodify again..no more Hawaii office…we were told never should of been helped in the first place. Since then short sales.

  11. I have also been in modification process with American Servicing Company/Wells Fargo for 34 months and got nothing. Now I am been told that I am in forclosure as of March 6th 2013 for a previous foreclosure action which was in 2007 and was then resolved and closed due to a previous modification in 2009. At the time of this modification, they made me pay 3 months prior to the modification package. After receiving the package there was an additional form which stated that the offer was subject to financial adjustment even thought they had given me a figure for monthly payments. The monthly payment was somewhere in the amount of $2,500.00, about 3 months into payment; they send and told me that their calculation was wrong and they added $20,000.00 to my principal and raise the monthly payment to $3,334.94. This adjustment caused me to fall back into the same situation. That is why I went back to them and they draged me into 34 months later. I am trying to sell the house and they claimed that I have to do a short sale when the offer is over the payment price. I am confused and need some help from someone who knows the law.

  12. Sad day! First screwed over after my husband passed away by Wells Fargo and National City. Just happened again by the Independent Review just laughable…. Received a letter stating I could receive up to 125,000 dollars a friend received one that said up to 45,000. Several months later the OCC changed the settlement framework and I received 800. my friend 300! Go figure… Ripped of again! Independent Review worked for the banks and took our money just like them. Good Luck with your homes I qualified for the modification but the bank sent the approval letter to the wrong address and began before I even knew I was approved.. Accident, I doubt it.

  13. I have been battling Wells Fargo for the last 3 years. On Friday, I received the modification paperwork. Once you receive the paperwork, sign it, then send it back with payment. They cannot come back later and tell you that you owe more. That is now a written contract. They cannot change it without you agreeing to and signing a new modification agreement.

  14. We tried to get a loan modification for 3 years. There was always some reason docs. missing, payments was late on the 3 month trial mods. Which was true. They show the funds unapplied still as of Dec. 2012. In Nov. 2012 they informed us since we had a cash-out loan we could not do a loan modification in Tx and our house would be sold on the 4th of Dec, 2012. We had to file bankruptcy 3 days our home was to sold to keep it. There should be more done to these mortgage people, that ruined many peoples lives.

  15. My husband was laid-off in Jan 2009 and then I was laid-off in Feb 2009. The company I worked for was kind enough to give me a decent lump sum severence but I knew that would not last forever with 2 children and COBRA to pay. I called WF to get even a temporary loan modification until my husband and/or I found work. They said because of my severence, my 401(k) fund and my girls’ college savings, we did not qualify at that time. A year later, after we had gone through the severence, cashed-out the 401(k) and all the savings making mortgage payments, et al, and we were still looking for work, we call WF again to see if we NOW qualified for a modification. They said we STILL did not qualify because we had managed to make our payments and anyway, we did not have jobs so how could they be sure that we could continue to make even modified payments. After another year of struggling to make payments on my significantly reduced salary at my new job, we decide to move cross-country for a new opportunity and to short sell our house. We find a realtor enthusiastic to do it and fill out all the paperwork, stopping payments on the mortgage as advised. We wait weeks for approval and finally WF tells our realtor that they need 1 more piece of paperwork and it needs to be certified. They take about 10 days getting the form to our realtor who sends it to us and we proptly sign, certify and express mail it back. We wait some more. WF then says that we took too long getting complete paperwork to them and we have to start the short sale apllication all over again. This is also when we get our 1st notice that WF is putting our house into foreclosure for failure to make payments. At this point we just gave up. We had already moved and despite the fact that WF admitted in their foreclosure letters that they did not have the original loan documents (they were not the loan originator, they bought it) we decided that we could not fight them. It would require that we fly back and file a stay in our old county and we could not afford a lawyer to represent us. We stopped making payments in April 2011 as part of the short sale process, they auctioned our house on November 17, 2011. Pretty fast turnaround, no? Wonder if it has anything to do with us having an affordable house (with improvements!) in a very desirable neighborhood with some of the best schools in the county. And no, we did not buy more house than we could afford. We specifically bought a house that we could afford on 1 salary. The trouble came when we refinanced to make some improvements, then the market collapsed and we BOTH lost our jobs. Oh well, we just start all over again.

  16. I applied for the Make Your Home Affordable Refi program through Americas Servicing Company, so I can lower my payments because I was paying about 1120 a month on my home. Well after the bogus scam I got screwed once again by them and ended up paying 1121′ with them alone, which at first my monthly payment was 943. I have an 80/20 loan. So now I’m paying them what I was paying total for both loans to them, on top of my 243 for the other mortgage company. When I asked them how was that making my home affordable they said well we opened up an escrow. Ok we’ll check this out. When I did my calculations all they did was added what I was paying them and what I was paying my insurance company, and my taxes and add them together to get the new payment. At this point I felt I was obligated to pay this because while they were doing there thing they told me not to make payments. When I questioned that I was told they would take my then late payments and put them at the end of my loan. Well what they did was a loan modifi, which through other companies I was told if I was not late on my payments they should not have even done a loan modifi. I was also told by other companies since they did a loan modifi that I have to wait for 3 years before I can even do a loan refi. Which none of this information was told to me through ASC. by the way back in 2007 I had to,file bankruptcy because of their bogus loan modification. Not sure how they are able to do this and after reading several complaints how are they even still able to be a reputable loan company.

  17. Joseph Atsus,

    July 21, 2014

    Ms. Jodie Perkins
    America’s Servicing Co.
    Home Mortgage Customer Care & Recovery
    800-853-8516 x46982

    Again please do not communicate thru SPAM, and format your emails to the Primary In-Box. Also your email has twice failed. I have some attachments which may be the problem so I will try again, but this leads me to believe Wells Fargo is not sincere and probably attempting to show Federal Regulators that Wells Fargo has met it’s fiduciary responsibilities. Is Wells Fargo going to return my home after your REO Dept. conspired with WAI AHEAD LLC TO STEAL MY HOME, EVICT ME FROM MY HOME AND OFFICE OF 27 YRS.? I am homeless, out of business, and my health (which Wells Fargo was well aware of) has continued to decline. Wells Fargo has caused me so many hardships I will go into detail at a later date.

    Wells Fargo went to great lengths not to perform its fiduciary and legal responsibilities It conspired with Equity Lenders LLC allowing Equity Lenders LLC to illegally foreclose on me when Equity Lenders LLC already illegaly foreclosed, stole the rents for 11 months, didn’t pay the mortgage on a non-assumable loan, didn’t pay the utilities, then Wells Fargo gave politcally connected WAI AHEAD LLC a inside deal (never attempting to mitigate my loses). Then Wells Fargo “sold my home/office/rental income to WAI AHEAD LLC for the amount of the balance of the 1st, plus the payments I refused to make because I wasn’t in title and the 1st wasn’t assumable. Wells Fargo essentially made Equity Lenders LLC a unapplied for loan. Wells Fargo was well aware that especially in the hard economic times that it would negatively affect my ability to fight for my income property 320 Civic Center Dr. as Folsom St. was the “back side property to the wrap around” to 320 Civic Center Dr..

    Then after Wells Fargo went thru great lengths to hide and disguise your Wells Fargo’s defrauding of me through:





    Then the inside deal made by individuals in your REO dept to WAI AHEAD LLC which has resulted in me being evicted, homeless losing my home office and destroying my Architectural business, adding greatly to my health problems. This Wells Fargo was clearly well aware of because of your contact with my tenants. Also one of your many Home Preservation Specialist’s supervisors uncalled for loudly “you need pysciatric help”. I have that and many other speakerphone conversations on tape and will release them at the proper time. I am by your design battling homelessness as well as losing my possessions so I am still attempting to recover at age 59. Here is a overview but not limited to;

    I had a attorney investigate I gave the SFPD, SFDA, & FBI the detailed results, most of their work was done for them. The SFPD did purposely did nothing because of a incident yrs. earlier where I helped someone who was wronged by her x-cop father over her grandmother’s estate. The 25 yr. SFDA Tom Kopel’s girlfriend offered me $2,000 & the promise prosecute x-Steeler Paul Lopata of Equity Lenders/Oak Financial (if which my name was forged in City Hall as owner & CEO of) & Mortgage broker Quincy Johnson (turned out a fellon who at 35 had already done 12 yrs. In Federal prison was on parole and is currently a “runner”)/Sedallia Benton of Realty World Oakland for a illegal equity line of credit (which my name was forged again). I would get back my income property and own half my house, she would own the half my house. She said “its not Jerome’s (Gibson) people in the DA’s its my people, heres $2,000 if my people don’t have them arrested & prosecuted you keep the $2,000 but when I do have this done I will own half your house, we will be partners 50-50.” She and squatter thief room mate Jerome Gibson saying “wouldn’t you rather own half your house than nothing”. I TOLD THEM “FUCK YOU”.
    SFPD Sargent McPherson, Inspector Lee & assisted by SFDA Stephanie Taylor did nothing but jerk me around for 3 yrs.. The FBI “agents of the day” are kids without a understanding of the mortgage markets and “dropped the ball”.
    Then there is the SF CITY ATTORNEY Micheal Wiess and the SF Housing Dept. who assisted WELLS FARGO REO DEPT. to illegally foreclose and with great efforts by someone in WELLS FARGO REO DEPT. hide title to my 2731 Folsom St. Title through a shell company in Sussex County Missouri (closed County file). WELLS FARGO REO DEPT then made a “sweatheart” inside sale to WAI AHEAD LLC (SF City Hall, SF Housing Dept. & SF Building Dept. insiders). They with evicted me after I was lied to by the SF Sheriff Supervisor, thus facilitating my firearms and 1300 rounds of ammo being stolen (amongst other things) from me and are probably on the street. I handed over everything to Mayor “Adolf” Lee went there so many times his security personnel have prevented me from entering and security takes my letters inside stamps and returns my received copy. There is a lot more to this problem.

    After the telephone and verbal abuse i don’t want to communicate by telephone. I record all speaker telephone calls.

    Joseph Atsus

  18. Hi. My wife and I lost our home in 2009 by the same reasons mentioned above . We made payments to ASC/ Wells Fargo and they failed to work with me. I would like to get information or where do I need to go or call to join Wells Fargo law suit. Please advise. Thank you.

  19. Our story echos all of the above and many more. We have been fighting foreclosure with them for 5 long years!! Never been given a mod and by now am sure we never will. how in the world can they get away with this?!? Please, does anyone have any advice as to who to contact/report this to and get help? Is this even legal, what they are doing, or not doing I should say. I just want a mod and to stay in my home and pay a reasonable mortgage payment. Please, any advice/info would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • We have been in the same horrible situation for 10 yrs!!!! New Mortgage Company (Rushmore) is now going through with Foreclosure…by now we are so upside down on our mortgage because we were told to stop paying, that our lawyer has advised us to let our house go…it’s so sad…to think a major company, Wells Fargo, could do this to so many people….what goes around comes around and one day those making the decisions to do wrong to all these people…will get theirs…Karma’s a B**ch!!!!

  20. My experience has been the same as all the above. I have only begun the process but am already getting treated badly. Twice specific appointments were made for a telephone call and both were missed. The first time I called them after waiting over an hour and a half and got the second promise.
    In total, I’ve talked to six different people and each time I have to almost start the conversation over. There doesn’t seem to be any system for keeping notes on a file on their computer system.
    The most “telling” thing that has made me look for reviews is that each time I speak with a person they have to go through the “this call is being recorded” speech and then the “this is an attempt to collect a debt” speech.
    Assisting in modifying a loan should not be in the same category as debt collection!
    Today I have decided that I’ll not return their package nor will I give them any information. I am now sort of frightened that I’ve told them too much and that they know too much about me already.
    I’m not sure what their motive is. I can only assume that this is their way of getting this property off their books. If they repossess it and sell it they may not lose anything and they will most certainly lose less than if they actually agree to a loan modification.
    This company is owned by Wells Fargo. It services Wells Fargo’s loans. It also services loans for many other companies. I’ve not delved into the history of the company to find out just how many lawsuits they have had against them and what the outcome of them is. I’ll probably do that, if I can find the time.
    Now I’m just trying to find out another way to get out of this mess.
    I was given the name of an attorney but was told to not call him until later. I don’t know why. His name is Buckley Madole and his phone number is 800-766-7751. Does anyone know anything about him?
    Also, does anyone have information about going around these people to the governmental agencies that are supposedly overseeing these kinds of actions?
    Just venting!

    • You’re right to distrust the motives of your bank and loan servicer, Martha. The only “systems” they have in place to deal with loan mod paperwork are the systems that allow them to string you along and then deny your request for some fake reason that probably has nothing to do with the information you have provided. They alternately over- and under-stated my actual income several times depending on what reason they had decided to use to deny the mod while they were pushing along a foreclosure.

      And no, there’s no agency or official working for homeowners that has any real power. All the elected officials – federal and state – depend on big business to fund their campaigns, so they’re bought and paid for. And the regulatory agencies are made up of former and future employees of the big financial companies, so they’re not about to go against their cronies who may be their future bosses in very lucrative jobs. You’re pretty much on your own.

      Even when I got a lawyer, I found the bank employees at all levels were just as likely to lie to her as they were to me and there was nothing we could do about it.

      If you decide to go ahead and try for a modification after all you have read and heard about how awful the process is and how all the decks are stacked against you, I strongly suggest you enlist the help of the knowledgeable folks on the forum at loansafe.org. I don’t know anywhere else where you can get advice from people who have been in the trenches of this mess for years.

      Best of luck to you!

    • Buckley Madole is a foreclosure mill/law firm. They lied about serving us several documents and are so dirty that they actually forged my daughter’s signature! Go ahead and hire them if you’d like. They just might win…just know that they also fight to take hard-working people’s homes and took ours even though Nationstar refused to take a payments from us for many, many weeks when they purchased our loan from CitiMortgage! They claimed that they couldn’t find our paperwork/info & caused the foreclosure when we were in a forbearance plan with CitiMortgage! Buckley Madole is despicable for representing filth like Nationstar! They are filth liars themselves!

      • Buckley Madole is a corrupt law firm, foreclosure mill, They removed documents from my county file, acting as though the first assignment never existed, and then replaced it with three backdated assignments to US Bank,na who is named as plaintiff in my foreclosure, Nationstar, worst abusive servicer in the world, jerked me around with loan mod, only to tell me I was denied because the owner (first assignee) Bank of NY did not participate in doing loan mods and “we have to abide by their wishes”. I wrote to the “owner” BONY and asked them why they wouldn’t modify my loan and they said “we don’t OWN YOUR LOAN and as trustee have no say in modifying or foreclosing on your home”, the same from named plaintiff US Bank, “as trustee, we have no involvement in the foreclosure process”. yet the creeps at Buckley Madole are moving forward, boy do I have a pile of evidence against their sorry asses. I am so tired of watching people lose their homes to entities that have no right or money in the game and the banksters already made a small fortune from our sign note, which they sold over and over again, then collected insurance when we defaulted, if that were not enough MONEY MADE, they then recreate documents to STEAL our homes!!! When is this bu–shi- going to STOP and when are the inept judges going to wake up???

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  22. Wow, I was almost giving WF the benefit of the doubt but after reading all the complaints that are just like mine I have to think that this company is truly out to screw us.
    In April 2014 we finally were approved for a Wells Fargo Mortgage
    modification after 3 prior tries starting in 2011. The previous denials were because we were
    told our savings were too high, we had not missed a payment, and therefore had high liquid assets to make the payments– never mind that were coming out of savings each month. So we finally got the approval after all of our savings were used up and we had
    fallen behind by 2 payments. We started making the new payment, not
    missing one or late. Everything going great or so we thought. In November we
    began getting collection calls from WF. We thought there was a mistake since
    we were approved for the modification. We were told we would have to re-apply
    since the final documents were mailed to us but never signed and returned to
    WF. We never got anything and just were making the new payment that the “Congratulations Letter” outlined. Very frustrating since they were not honoring the new payment and the loan balance
    was going up and not down. We went ahead and re-applied thinking that we were
    approved once we should be approved again. Wrong. We were turned down for the
    value too low to support the debt. We appealed on 2 points, we showed our
    bank statements showing the payments being made and accepted by WF so we
    should not have lates or missed payments plus the previous modification that
    we were approved for used an appraisal of $589K, this modification used a
    drive by appraisal of $550K–$39K less than the previous year, this being a
    year later and the homes in the area are selling well we felt a value of at
    least $600K plus we showed a comp 7 houses down the block, similar age,
    amenties, quality but 1 less bedroom (800 ft less) that sold for $615K.
    So i guesss we have several points- they did not honor the first
    modification, did not send the final documents, are not honoring our payments
    and show a much higher loan balance.

    • Daniel, you’re absolutely right that Wells Fargo ABSOLUTELY IS out to screw you and thousands of other people. As you have found out, their “review” process for loan mods is capricious at best and deceitful at worst. And they’re certainly not going to be swayed from their delay-and-deny game by anything as trifling as facts – real estate comps, past agreements, etc.

      All they wanted was to get you behind in your payments by 3 months so they could put you and your home on the one-way train ride to foreclosure.

      Sorry to hear you’ve become a victim. You’re in good company.

  23. Just came out of court today on a foreclosing that we have been fighting since 2008. This is the story i have been witnessing on mostly the entire time. Wives name (Deb) Husbands name (James). They were married, bought the house in 1999 for 109,000. Mortgaged by Northwest then to Wells Fargo. Only name on Loan was James. However she could make all the payments and communicate on said account. The beginning of 2008, the house fell behind in payments. Deb made arrangements the beginning of Feb. to modify and was able to do so. Well, long story quite short, James was put in Jail for being abusive, in Feb 2008. Throughout the year Deb made payments on mortgage until December 8, 2008. The beginning of 2009 problems started. James the soon to be EX is now out of jail and is now doing everything to take Deb’s Horse Rescue Ranch away from her. Jim calls up Wells Fargo and Told them NOT to have communication with Deb. She calls Wells Fargo and asks what she needs to do to continue making payments since she is the one who called to make the Modification in the first place. Tell tell her that she is going to have to get a court order.(beginning 2009) So, Deb went and got a court order. She faxes the court order over, they reply with, we now need power of attorney. Okay she says. Back to court and got the power of attorney. (middle to end of 2009). She was awarded power of attorney. She hears nothing from the bank nor the courts. She calls wells fargo and tried to make a payment because she now had everything they asked for in order to do so, but NO, they will NOT except her payments. what???!!! Anyways, she processed to try and resolve this. 2010 she was told that the deed was going to have to be put into Her name,in order to communicate with Wells Fargo. Back to court, deed is now in her name. Oct 2010 the foreclosure was into withdrawal. Finally right? Wrong. 2011 constantly called, still no luck. Tried to communicate and make payments, Nothing was excepted. 2012 & 2013 was pretty much the same, received more papers on foreclosure, Deb had yet another Legal Aide. March 2014, her ex husband James sent a letter to the court as well as Wells Fargo saying processed with the foreclosure because I do not want the house and has been trying to evict Deb for years. May of 2014, Legal Aid sends letter demanding answers. End of May, Judge ordered the foreclosure to proceed because of no other choice. Today, 2015 We tried to argue Debs side, and explain all the steps she took to do SOMETHING, and they refused. Judged left it as, if i see fit that there is a need to a hearing i will let you know. However we are looking at the “LEGAL” paper work. 2014 Wells Fargo said that you can not assume it. So thats it. Judge is going to let us know. That is how they lefted it. Now this is a Non-For-Profit organization. We rescue horses train them them continue to work with child with adhd, Vets, and involved with the community. Deb (59) works a full time job, and has 10 horses. Because of Wells Fargo not working with Deb. A Grant for an Indoor arena and restoration of a 200yr old historical barn was purposed to her because of all the support she had. Since Wells Fargo, would not work with her in letting her do anything, It fell through.
    We need help.

  24. Wells Fargo needs to admit their wrongs and make them right. My family and I have been burned from them for over five years and counting. They agreed to do an interview with Dan Rather then left the interview when my name was brought up. Imagine folks, a billion dollar company scared to talk about the mortgage account of one of their customers. God bless America!!! Fuck Wells Fargo!!!

  25. Same here as with every other person on here about Wells Fargo.. Same scenerio , no help been dealing with them since January 2012 for a modification 1 payment behind and when i paid it late in feb 2015 they sent it back in March and sent file to Foreclosure Attorney so from owing 1 1/2 payments by then they wanted $5k to get it out from Their Attorney? I was dealing with ASC my mortgage servicer and somewhere Wells Fargo merged with them and then wouldn’t help me. I finally went through 3 different reps to one that would help me for the mod did everything paid the trial period early just to get the new amounts done and over and then said i cant have the mod,, i have liens on the house pay them first?? can’t do that so they put it back to foreclosure. I have tried short sale that didnt work, and lastly no correspondence form them for a Deed in Lieu,, Jumped thorugh those hoops I have sent several emails to See Lor and Deb Ehr the died in lie person and no reply nothing i told her I can not pay off the liens will Wells Fargo Help with That I read that they would she said we will try. Then 3 weeks later after several calls emails she sends a standard email saying pay off liens by dec. 13th 2015 for deed in lieu?? really did we not have this conversation in November? all Stall tacktics all bullshit.. 3 years going on 4 years of hell. Now I am not even in the house anymore thought it was sold for the s.s. so i moved.. big mistake.. should have stayed there rent free but i didn’t I tried everything to do the right thing They are Worse then loan sharks.. I need help at this point I keep asking for an automatic auction sale just to get the house out of my name sold for what ever they can get i am upside down i will deal with the debt of that after the auction I can not even get an answer to that in the mean time my 88k mortgage they have me at 133k i owe them? how is this possible.. really? The Govt should have never bailed them out!!! where is our / my bail out?? they dont help..

  26. We have been trying to get loan mod. since 2012. They filed foreclosure, we paid 150.00 for foreclosure mediation, had 2 meetings with their atty., who said at 2nd they do not want to participate. So we had to file bankruptcy. I too have had several letters from ASC’s home preservationists, been getting 2 letters same day, every month 1 saying they cannot help us, the other saying to call ASAP with income and expense info. When i called, they said (if I got to talk to someone) that they can’t help us. First they said we do not make enough money, i said i was getting soc. sec. soon, they said to send proof, I did, now they say we make too much. WE have been lied to by them sooo many times. Different answers from different people. They are terrible evil people to work with. Impossible. I cannot find an attorney here in miilwaukee WI area that knows about robo signing, fraud etc. I have atty. for bankruuptcy, he says that is all he will help with. I am trying to do it myself, to deal with fraud, try to make them bleed as much money as possible. For instance, part of one loan document we signed is dated (typed in by them) Feb. 11th, but the date my husband and I signed it is Jan. 11th. How could we sign it a month before it was typed up? You can also tell our signatures are lighter than the rest of wording on it. So is it on other loan papers. hmmmm. Also I heard that a loan originator ASC/wells fargo bank cannot be a lender, because they would be making money both from originating the loan, and from getting the payments. But latest docs list them as lender. When I asked who true lender is, they wrote it is US bank, but BNC bank is also listed as lender on earlier docs, and we got papers in mail recently for Deutsch bank, spellled 2 different ways, 1 note, 1 mortgage, same set of numbers, different sequence. Never heard of them before. We will fight them in court all way to supreme court if we have to. They are criminals. I just hope I’m able to figure out how to find who true lender is, and I know there is other fraud to, I believe against TILA. Like 12 home inspections in 12 months, drive by apparantly, no one knocked on door, and payments said made late by 1 day, when they were done on time by check by phone. Good luck to all of us, I hope we all get them, make them bleed money.

  27. We have been trying to get loan mod. since 2012. They filed foreclosure, we paid 150.00 for foreclosure mediation, had 2 meetings with their atty., who said at 2nd they do not want to participate. So we had to file bankruptcy. I too have had several letters from ASC’s home preservationists, been getting 2 letters same day, every month 1 saying they cannot help us, the other saying to call ASAP with income and expense info. When i called, they said (if I got to talk to someone) that they can’t help us. First they said we do not make enough money, i said i was getting soc. sec. soon, they said to send proof, I did, now they say we make too much. WE have been lied to by them sooo many times. Different answers from different people. They are terrible evil people to work with. Impossible. I cannot find an attorney here in miilwaukee WI area that knows about robo signing, fraud etc. I have atty. for bankruuptcy, he says that is all he will help with. I am trying to do it myself, to deal with fraud, try to make them bleed as much money as possible. For instance, part of one loan document we signed is dated (typed in by them) Feb. 11th, but the date my husband and I signed it is Jan. 11th. How could we sign it a month before it was typed up? You can also tell our signatures are lighter than the rest of wording on it. So is it on other loan papers. hmmmm. Also I heard that a loan originator ASC/wells fargo bank cannot be a lender, because they would be making money both from originating the loan, and from getting the payments. But latest docs list them as lender. When I asked who true lender is, they wrote it is US bank, but BNC bank is also listed as lender on earlier docs, and we got papers in mail recently for Deutsch bank, spellled 2 different ways, 1 note, 1 mortgage, same set of numbers, different sequence. Never heard of them before. We will fight them in court all way to supreme court if we have to. They are criminals. I just hope I’m able to figure out how to find who true lender is, and I know there is other fraud to, I believe against TILA. Like 12 home inspections in 12 months, drive by apparantly, no one knocked on door, and payments said made late by 1 day, when they were done on time by check by phone. Good luck to all of us, I hope we all get them

  28. Wells Fargo has ruined my life! Those cocksuckers did the modification scam on me and after playing there game for four month they foreclosed on me in that forth month. I not only lost my home which had been in my family since 1879 (with most every family members ashes distributed around the yard) But I also lost everything I had worked for into my retirement. I have not gotten any compensation or closure in what amounts to the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

    • Tom Fulton, so sad. What does your congress person or senator say? I think everyone needs to go to their local and state reps. As soon as they get the run around , the AG involved ASAP. .

  29. Could someone please refer a good attorney to fight foreclosure from evil Wells Fargo in Califoria? Please send information to winstonhebert@gmail.com
    Also intersted in joining all class action lawsuits against greedy Wells Fargo.
    Thank you and good luck to everyone.

  30. Here is a novel , a horror story if you will This is a pretty detailed and dirty situation with ASC/ Wells Fargo . We initially purchased our home here in Murfreesboro Tennessee, in May of 2006 and In 2009 we began seeking home loan modification under HAMP guidelines. We had a good payment history, but knew that my daughters medical condition would likely drive us to eminent delinquency. We tried to get ahead of the curve and ask before we got to that point. We were told we could not be considered because of our payment history and because we were not past due. Upon asking what we had to do , we were told we needed to skip the next two payments to be considered.

    We did as as we were instructed and skipped the next two payments and then began the prequalification process. We sent multiple copies of budget, multiple pay stubs and letters of hardship to explain our situation. Upon checking on the status we were told we were being reviewed, but it would take 2-3 weeks. We called back and were told still had not been decisioned. We followed up multiple times and after several months of working towards getting this modification, providing all requested paperwork, I called in to check status to be told we were not in modification, but rather foreclosure. I told them , that it had to be a mistake , because our last call we were told everything looked very good and we would most likely be in our modification plan very soon. They said they agreed that it must be a mistake, and they could see where it was in a review for modification and would send the file back to that department and asked that we call back in 2 days. Upon doing so they confirmed that it was not a mistake, that it was in fact in foreclosure. We asked if we brought the payment current if it would stop the sale and they could not guarantee that it would in fact stop the sale and suggested we look at short sale or deed in lieu. The reason they gave for not qualifying for the modification was we did not pay the forebearance as agreed. I asked how that was possible our payment reflected as posted before the due date on all of them. they replied that because we paid 2 weeks early then that was not as agreed, because it was before it was due?!?! I called BS on that

    We began seeking legal help, and the only definitive way to stop the sale and keep from having my wife and 4 kids from being displaced was through chapter 13 Bankruptcy. We filed in January 2010 and continued to have issues with ASC while they filed proof of claim on the first s they denied initially having the second mortgage on the home. (Reported closed and written off November 2009) They then filed a proof of claim in September ( of 2010. We paid 100% of our BK in just over 4 years and were discharged (May 2014) During this time we often lived on 150 dollars for 2 weeks. groceries, gas and all for a family of 6. We also received a correct diagnosis for my daughters medical condition. We were either extremely lucky, blessed or both to make it through that time with such limited resources. This all stems from them inducing us to go delinquent to get qualified for the HAMP (apparently they did this to a lot of folks.)

    Fast forward to today, we are just approaching two years out of bankruptcy. They continue to have issues in reporting our account correctly. They have reported us past due multiple times, only for me to call them and them say ”I don’t know why it says that. You are paid up on time” They open an investigation and the past due is corrected. A few days later the account is reported as closed and zero balance . I call and ask what s going on and they reply with the same thing ”Not sure why that is” . Most recently they are reporting me 8 times 120 days past due from February –September 2010. ( During the time in which I was in an active Bankruptcy ) I have had multiple disputes opened with them and recently Equifax regarding the 120 day past dues. Thet confirmed to Equifax that there was no issue and they were reporting it correctly That I was past due on those dates.

    I have lost hours from work, sleep stress, our marriage and family dynamic and most recently our ability to provide a suitable home that meets the needs for my daughter has been stolen by these folks, because of the induced delinquency, and Bk TO AVOID FORECLOSURE(WHICH THEY SENT NO NOTICE PRIOR) They seem to think that hiding behind the premise of not being a “Bank”(while owned by one) they are not federally regulated therefore do what they want as they want.

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  61. My boyfriend got a remodification through ASC and Wells Fargo he didnt even know about. His ex-girlfriend did all the dealings with the company. She got them into financial trouble, behind on the mortgage and handled it to where he didnt even know what was going on. She write fictious letters to the company, stole a company letter head from their business and forgered my boyfriends fathers name on it. Every document that was signed was forged….by her. He knew nothing of the remodification. NEVER ONCE did ASC or Wells Fargo try to contact him and speak to him about the remodification. She not only put him in $13,000.00 in arrears as a 2nd principal.. she made it so his mortgage ends in 2053. That will make him almost 80 yrs old. And he has already lived in his house and paying the mortgage for over 25 yrs. He gets nothing but a run around from Wells Fargo. The case has been turned over to the police, the detectives and the prosecutor. So who is worse in this case.? Her for fraud and forgery or ASC and Wells Fargo for being incompetent and not doing what they should have done?

  62. Home modification thru Wells Fargo they added 10,000 to my loan via letterhead stage coach letterhead and there still adding money. I got hud involved and they agreed they dropped the ball. I need a lawyer.

  63. I am fighting Wells Fargo ? American Servicing Company. They forced me into foreclosure. I filed bankruptcy & they conned into getting out of bankruptcy by offering modification . They then began to screw me over. They have messed up my payments, added monies to my principle, not give me the amount of interest paid for the last 8 or 9 years and so on. They sent me a letter in 2011 r stating that My loan was paid in full and not to send any further payments. I requested in writing my Deed & Title. They responded 3 months later, telling me to see my attorney. I am still waiting on those documents. My attorney advised me to continue paying my mortgage until the matter was resolved. I went to court in 2009 and the foreclosure was dismissed. We have had 2 mediation hearing, with no results. They filed foreclosure again in 2011.
    They have made my life a living hell. Now I am still fighting them. I can’t refinance because they have destroyed my credit. I am on dialysis, had a quadripple heart by pass, have hypertension, diabetes and can no lomger hold gainfull employment. I am 68 years old and am tired of fighting them. From January 2014 til 4-2016 they made no effort to present to my bank any of the checks sent to them for my mortage. They claim I am $52,000. plus dollars behind. That is impossible. They have my money, & threatening to put me out of my home. I want my Deed & title, & Justice with damages for all of this hell. A business should not be able to treat a person like this & get away with it.

    I am seeking to find a good attorney(Civil) to help me get justice. If you know of such an attorney please contact me at my email:–Dorethaafrbooks@gmail.com or call at 803-799-5706 .This is urgent. I have been fighting for14 long years.

    Thanking you in advance.

  64. I too I filed for a home modification from Wells Fargo and was also turned down after a few months, back in 2014 and I was only a few months behind . I had to file bankruptcy because I tried everything to try to save my home. I then had to
    leave my home I filed because I lost a job and needed help and was turned down by my own mortgage bank I was crushed they made me believe they would help me. All they kept doing was ask for money I did not have.

  65. I can’t thank Franklin Loans enough for the terrific system, am a citizen of the United State of America i want to testify of the good Loan Lender who showed light to me as they made the process easier and quicker than I thought it would be. I would recommend Franklin Loans to anyone you can contact them through franklin_smith@outlook.com. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  66. Sadly to say, my case is very similar to almost everyone previously. My property is in NJ, I have an FHA loan with Wells Fargo. Currently 10 months delinquent in my payments, going through a re modification for the 8th time now. I have been through 3 different home preservation specialist, and I also appeal for a mediation and was denied March 10 2017. My hardship have changed for the better, higher wages is coming in for the past 5 months now, still I have been denied for a modification. Now am working with a housing counselor, and hoping to see what will happen. I don’t want to wait any longer, it stresses me out. Any suggestions???

    • Seriously pursue your RESPA Reg. X Mortgage Servicing rights. Provides private right of action against the servicer (Wells Fargo), and potentially vicarious liability against the investor (holder of the loan). You will also most likely have causes of action under Regulation Z- TILA regulations, and Fed. Fair Debt Collection Act. Wells Fargo’s attorneys have been found to be “debt collectors” in foreclosure actions and subject to requirements of the act. ALSO address each and every failure of Wells Fargo in a proper Notice of Error.

  67. I had the same experience with them on their modification program. Back in 2008 I fell on hard times, went through the modification program. Was told to make 3 increased payments and they would add the balance of the past due into the loan when they restructured the loan “putting it at the end” I of course agreed to this as I wanted to save my home. After making the 3 payments they told me that I hadn’t made all 3 I only made 2 even though I had proof of the payments clearing the bank. Come to find out years later they added a lien to the house for the balance not added the balance to the restructure of the loan
    I had in writing on several occasions ask for my file to be audited that I believed there were errors on their part and to this day I have heard nothing from them.
    Now thanks to their Lien refinancing is impossible without paying it off directly.
    I have to believe at some point their files will be audited by outside agencies and their shady practices will all be uncovered.
    What goes around comes around and Karma has a long memory.

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