In Case You Thought the Mortgage Mod Process Had Improved

While I was clearing out some old news items to make way for my website’s more up-to-date and topical News page, I ran across this February 2011 clip from MSNBC’s now-defunct The Dylan Ratigan Show.

Listening to Ratigan and his guests describe the way banks were scamming homeowners with HAMP trial modifications, it struck me that I’m reading about some of the same practices from commenters to my blog posts in 2015.

This PBS NewsHour segment I dug up from October 2010 also tells a story familiar to my readers, including homeowners’ reports of spending endless hours on the phone, sending paperwork over and over, dual-tracking and multiple (and often unresponsive) assigned contact people.

“You get put under a lot of stress, trying to get help. And it’s not there.”

Wow! The more things change, the more the big banks have been screwing over honest, hard-working people for years with the collusion of the Obama administration, Congress, the courts and every regulatory agency that’s supposed to look out for consumers.

And, while we’re on the subject, this headline from intrepid (and prescient) blogger Martin Andelman might just be my favorite:

THE JURY IS IN: Obama’s Foreclosure Program Run by Morons… and Trial Modifications are the Biggest Loan Mod Scam Ever

If I knew then what I know now – and what Martin Andelman correctly predicted – I would have saved myself a whole lot of work and anguish and walked away with a bigger bank account and a smaller waistline. (That stress eating while sending out your 90th set of loan mod docs really adds up!)

Well, the morons are still in charge and thanks to the way campaigns are financed now, they will continue to be. And trial mortgage loan modifications are still a big scam.

I’ve found a few other information gems I had forgotten about – including updated facts and figures from sites I haven’t looked at in years – that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks.

Get the Money Out of Politics. Take Back the U.S.

It’s pretty simple, folks. The vast majority of your elected officials at every level have been bought by special interest groups – people and corporations with enough money to fund the ridiculously expensive campaigns.

And, since the Supreme Court ruled that for the purposes of electioneering, a multi-billion-dollar corporation has the same rights that a person does, it’s even harder to know just which politicians are owned by which corporate interest.

The new reality is, the government of the United States no longer functions for the people. If functions for the corporate fat cats. You no longer live in a republic; you live in an oligarchy. Your vote no longer counts unless you have millions of dollars to back it up.

You think things are bad now, with high unemployment, millions of people losing their homes and most average folks wondering how they will survive the next increase in the price of gas, food, healthcare? Well, if something doesn’t change pretty soon, you haven’t seen anything yet. Time to get informed, get involved and even to get a little mad.

Here’s a dose of reality:

The vehement version …

A quieter version …

It’s time to get the money out of politics in this country before there is no longer a country. Sign the petition.