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"Dealing with the banks to suspend your foreclosure date and secure a proper loan modification is akin to repeatedly ramming your head into a brick wall in the hopes that it will eventually break."

~ Wajahat Ali, bankruptcy attorney

This whole process of being jerked around by Wells Fargo (and, as far as I can tell every other lender that supposedly offers mortgage modifications) can feel very lonely. For those of us who are ordinary, upstanding folks who work hard and pay our bills, facing the reality of defaulting on a loan can make us feel ashamed.

Well, none of us caused the finanancial services industry to debilitate the nation's economy, decimating the housing industry, creating record unemployment and sending a tsunami through the entire economic system. And none of us can fix the economy just because we want our jobs back or our customers back or our lives back.

The banks are trying to convince all those nice folks not caught up in this awful nightmare that it is our fault, that we're a bunch of deadbeats trying to game the system while the poor bank executives have done nothing at all wrong. You can read all about this nefarious plot here ... and be sure to share this information with anyone you can. In fact, tell your story to as many people as you can - friends, family, the stranger you strike up a conversation with in line at the grocery store.

Don't let shame cause you to sit quietly and let these lenders steal your house. Get mad, get informed and get out there and tell everyone you know what your bank is doing to you.

Write your congressmen and -women, write to your lender, write to every consumer-protection agency and media outlet you can think of. Eventually there will be enough of us yelling that somebody will stand up and take notice.

Of course, there's a certain amount of smug sniping by the "They shouldn't have bought a house they couldn't afford. I'm paying my mortgage just fine." crowd.

Well, to those folks I say, "Thank your lucky stars." Be thankful that you haven't lost your job, suffered a debilitating illness or injury, had the bottom fall out from under the business you built up from nothing, or even been dumped without warning by a spouse you loved and trusted.

Be quietly thankful and stop ranting on and on against your fellow human beings to whom those things have happened and who are now facing the loss of their homes because of it. Just go home, hug your kid or your dog, and shut up. And read these ...
Meet the Families of Foreclosure

I thought about putting up a forum to collect mortgage modification stories and complaints up on this site, but realized I don't need to. There are already a number of good places you can register your complaint and some excellent and very friendly forums that information and encouragement. So instead, here are some resources to help you get your story out.


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Feeling picked on? Read some of these stories about the crap Wells Fargo has pulled on other people. (Some of it will sound very, very familiar.) Be sure to add your own complaint/story. And do yourself a favor - keep it professional, keep the language clean and by all means USE SPELL CHECK. (Write your post in a word-processing program and then copy and paste into the forum.) It doesn't help the rest of us if you sound like some uneducated nutcase.

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And lest we think we're alone in being messed with by Wells Fargo, here are some stories about other banks. The stories are so similar, it's almost like all the banks' executives got together and decided how to prevent customers from actually getting their mortgages modified. Naw, that couldn't happen ... that doesn't even sound legal.

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Silence Only Benefits the Banks!

Don't let them steal your house
without putting up a fight!

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