Wells Fargo Mortgage Modification is a Scam


Banks Continue to Violate Nationwide Servicer Settlement

Mortgage Modification Seems Like A Scam

They're continuing to trash the economy
Ethical and moral issues aside, helping people keep their homes makes more long-term sense for the economy as a whole. There has to be some reason why every president of my adult life has touted home ownership as both a goal and a sign their administrations were doing good things for the country. Banks rushing through paperwork to snatch hundreds of thousands of houses from people all over the country does not make long-term sense. Really, it feels much more like a simple power trip. Why did you steal that house? Because I can! (Ha, ha, ha.)


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The big banks aren't the only mortgage mod scammers. Because they won't deal honestly with borrowers, a whole industry of bogus loan mod "experts" has grown up. Don't believe anyone who says he or she has special access to banks loss mitigation process and can guarantee you a modification. Do not pay up front for any kind of modification assistance. And report any suspected loan mod scams.

Loan Modification Scam Alert


Programs like HAMP were conceived by the federal government purportedly to help slow the record foreclosure rate and stabilize the economy by helping to undo some of the mess created by the financial service industry. Until people have stable jobs and reliable living situations, they are not going to start spending at the levels necessary to stabilize our market economy. Period. Economics 101.

There were nearly two million properties in foreclosure in the United States in 2011. That's a whole lot of houses hitting an already-depressed real estate market. How does this help get our economy back online?

That's a whole lot of people under financial stress and with their living situations in turmoil. It's very hard to job hunt from temporary digs. And some job application processess include a credit check, which is going to show the effects of a default and foreclosure. So how does this help decrease unemployment?

That's a whole lot of people having trouble paying for their most basic need - shelter - and maybe not paying their credit card bills, their car loans and other expenses. They won't buy clothing or furniture or piano lessons for their kids. How does this keep business open, people working and money changing hands?

Mortgage modification savings help create better borrowers

Stand up and fight!
What the banks are doing is not right. By any standard. It sure seems like it's up to consumers to stand up and fight this. At least we're getting some back-up from the state attornies general. It's time to tell the banks "No. What you're doing is wrong. I will not stand quietly and let you steal my house."

This site is part of my fight to keep my house and to call the banks on their abhorrent behavior. It's my way of saying "I will not go quietly. I will not lie down."

I hope you'll find some information on this site that is useful to you as you decide whether to try for a modification or if you're already fighting.

Mortgage Loan Modification; How Do You Modify Fraud?

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